ATTENTION - We have sold out for the 2022 season. Merry Christmas, and see you next year!

Here are a few of the most common questions we get.

Q. Do you take debit or credit cards?

A. No, sorry, we only accept cash or personal checks. If you need an ATM, the nearest ones are in Brockport, only about 5 miles away from the farm.

Q. Do I need to bring my own saw?

A. We provide saws if you don’t have your own. Also, we don’t allow power or chain saws, or axes, to be used, due to insurance restrictions.

Q. I’m a professional photographer. Can I schedule a photo shoot with clients at your farm?

A. No, sorry. Families are more than welcome to bring a camera for their personal memories, but we can’t allow professional photo shoots at the farm, due to liability issues.

Q. Can I bring my dog? He’s little, and I’ll just carry him out into the field.

A. No, sorry, again because of insurance policies, there are no pets allowed. Even little dogs will need to stay in the car while you pick out your tree.

Q. What time do you close?

A. On Fridays, our hours are noon - 4:00pm. On weekends, we’re open from 9am - 4:00pm. Please note, that if you come late in the day (just before 4pm), it starts to get dark very quickly, once the sun drops below the tree line. For your safety, we will ask that everyone be out of the field by 4:30pm. If your family usually needs lots of time to decide on the perfect tree, please arrive earlier in the day, so as not to be rushed in your selection.

Q. Which type of tree holds their needles the best?

A. The most important thing is to keep your tree watered. Once the stump has been exposed to air, it begins to seal itself off, and will not take up any more water. Once that happens, your tree’s needles may start to die and drop off. As long as the tree is kept watered, any of the varieties will last the 3-4 weeks until Christmas, and usually, much longer than that.

1215 W. Sweden Rd, Brockport, NY